(Padurea Spânzuratilor, Romania, 1965) by Liviu Ciulei

ForestWritten by Titus Popovici. Editing: Yolanda Mîntulescu. Director of Photography: Ovidiu Gologan. Music: Theodor Grigoriu. Production Company: Filmstudio Bucuresti. Starring: Victor Rebengiuc (Apostol Bologa), Anna Széles (Ilona), Stefan Ciubotarasu (Petre), György Kovács (Von Karg), Gina Patrichi (Roza), Liviu Ciulei (Klapka). Running time: 165’ (uncut version). b&w. Language: Romanian. From: Centrul National al Cinematografiei, Bucharest.

The most beautiful scene I have ever directed in my career is the last scene of Padurea Spânzuratilor. We see a young peasant woman preparing the last meal for the man she loves who is sentenced to death by hanging – a man, a woman, bread, salt and wine, love, life and death. –Liviu Ciulei

I love this film. Most of the scenes are worth including in an anthology of cinema. –Giuseppe de Santis, 1968

Restoration by the World Cinema Foundation will be completed in 2010 and carried out at Cineteca di Bologna / L’Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory in collaboration with the Centrul National al Cinematografiei and Liviu Ciulei

Restorations in progress