(Brazil, 1931) by Mário Peixoto

LimiteWritten, edited and produced by Mário Peixoto. Director of Photography: Edgar Brazil. Musical director Brutus Pedreira (themes from Satie, Debussy, Borodin, Stravinsky, Prokofiev). Assistant director: Rui Costa. Production Company: Cinédia. Starring: Olga Breno (Woman #1); Taciana Rei (Woman #2); Carmen Santos (The Whore); Mario Peixoto (The Man at the cemetery); Brutus Pedreira (Man #2 and the pianist); Edgar Brazil (The Man asleep at the cinema); Faciana Rei; Raul Schnoor. Running time: 120’. b&w. Language: silent. From: Cinemateca Brasileira, São Paulo.

Limite does not intend to analyse. It shows. It projects itself as a tuning fork, a pitch, a resonance of time itself. –Mário Peixoto

Then came the revelation of Limite, the first and only film by 21-year-old director Mário Peixoto. This was a film of transcendent poetry and boundless imagination. Once again, I found myself in a state of shock, not only because of the film itself, which was made in 1931 and forgotten for many years, but also for the evidence it bore, that of our creative diversity. –Walter Salles

Restoration by the World Cinema Foundation will be completed by the end of 2009 and carried out at Cineteca di Bologna / L’Immagine Ritrovata Laboratory in collaboration with the Cinemateca Brasileira and Walter Salles

Restoration in progress